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Important Information

This site is aimed at SIPP and SSAS operators and trustees and financial advisers advising members of SIPPs and SSAS and should not be relied upon by private individuals. Nothing in this website is designed to be a financial promotion to private individuals and in all cases directory listings and associated reviews are for information purposes only. The investments that appear in the ‘Investment Directory’ are those that have been reviewed in respect of their ability for being held within a pension scheme.  Where a Detailed Review has been conducted, the report may contain pension linked information regarding key points on the tax situation, liquidity and valuation methodology that will be of interest to pension trustees/operators and financial advisers.

The definitive and objective reference point for information about member-directed pension schemes, such as self invested personal pensions (SIPPs) and small self administered schemes (SSASs), and some of the specialist investment options that can sit within them.

Aim of the site

The aim of the SIPP Investment Platform (SIP) is to:

  1. Provide useful background information about SIPPs and SSASs;
  2. Outline some of the considerations and rules that apply to investments within a SIPP or SSAS;
  3. Maintain a directory of ‘specialist’ investment schemes that have been reviewed by SIP in relation to being held within a SIPP or SSAS for the information of SIPP/SSAS operators that subscribe to SIP; and
  4. Maintain a directory of SIPP/SSAS operators that subscribe to SIP.

The site is aimed at pension scheme trustees/operators and financial advisers who may be looking for either information on generic pension matters or specific information and review documentation about pension related investments as part of their due diligence process.

How the content is maintained

The content and editorial control of the site is maintained by SIPP Investment Platform Limited (SIP) whose team, including SIP's directors, has extensive regulatory, technical and distribution knowledge of SIPPs and alternative investments, gained over many years of practical experience. 

We can also call upon relevant legal expertise, including a partner from a specialist financial services regulatory law firm.

How the SIPP Investment Platform is paid for

The website and reviews are paid for through annual subscriptions to access the reviews, the compilation and provision of the detailed reviews and investment directory listings. Pension scheme operators/trustees pay a fixed fee for access to the reports and investment providers pay for the detailed reviews and listings of their products.  SIP receives no commission or sales linked revenue from the investments listed. This means we retain our impartiality and objectivity as well as meaning the site is free to view.